September 28th, 2008

Well, fall is here again. The wild and lazy months of 2008’s young adulthood have passed and we now must accompany it into middle age. Leaves swirl in gutters like hair in shower drains. The sun just doesn’t feel like staying up as late as it used to be able to. We all begin to understand that years pass, that this one will not last forever and though it is not yet time to let go, still we are looking ahead to a time when this year will no longer be with us. We may even be making plans for the next year. Ooh, this is so existentially morbid! But I know people who go through this metaphorical angst with the passage of every individual day, so I won’t apologize for doing it on this larger scale. It’s a little sad. I’m not wrong, just maybe a little off-key in my announcement of Monday night football. Because that’s what this is, by the way. It’s an invitation to come watch football with us on Monday nights. We’ll have hamburgers and hotdogs and beer and peanuts and anything else you could find at a stadium, without the hassle of actually having to go to a stadium. Plus, the food will stay out and the drinks will stay free a bit longer than normal, so it will feel festive.

But, hey, I suppose if you’re a real football fan, the way my brother is a real football fan, this time of year isn’t a bit sad. He’s full of anticipation and energy. This is just the very beginning, there’s still so much promise and no disappointment yet. He might not lose thousands of dollars this season betting on a team that hasn’t won the Superbowl in my lifetime, this could be their moment. Perhaps I, and any of you who were relating to me in that first paragraph, need to pick a team and get enthusiastic. This could be good for us. If you’re staying with us on a Monday night, it’ll at least be easy to give it a try. Just come downstairs, maybe I’ll be there too.

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