July 28th, 2008

Traveling with a group of coworkers can be so strange. You kind of know these people, in a very specific context. You have maintained some kind of functional relationship with them, but still there is a certain distance. At home, that is, when your interactions are specifically defined by the parameters of the office and working hours. Traveling is different. Traveling, suddenly, there are these blank spaces that you normally fill with friends, family and hobbies, and now all that’s around you are cable television and these mysterious colleagues. There may be a desire for interaction, but when it is coupled with hesitation, uncertainty and a little shyness, often people end up watching stupid movies alone in their rooms, wishing they could think of something better to do. Or at least that’s what has happened to me.

If you are at all relating to what I’m saying, we have a brand new feature that can help. We have recently developed a relationship with a company that creates what I think can be best described as mobile parties. They have a variety of vehicles, from limos to giant school-type buses, ready to pick up groups of whatever size and convey them to whatever event or destination the group desires. Food and drinks are provided, either en route or upon arrival. Go to a play in San Francisco in a limo, take a bus to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, but know that picking your destination is the most complicated thing you will have to do. The rest is taken care of. So you can get all your colleagues together and let someone else create an environment for you to relax in. Maybe you’ll get to feel more comfortable around each other, but at the very least it’ll be a night away from the hotel. A quick chat with our Director of Sales and Marketing will set the whole thing in motion.

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