April 9th, 2008

Here’s a truly American name for you: Firestone. It connotes that quintessential American dream of entrepreneurship. Harvey Firestone, a century ago, came from a family of farmers and built a fortune making tires. This is the story that our country is supposedly uniquely capable of cultivating and we grew strong on the mythology of just such men as him. And now that people whisper about the decline of our great nation, the Firestone name is back again. Ah, reality television, do you really signal impending doom, or just make visible what was always there? Whatever the answer, Andrew Firestone took his family’s good name to The Bachelor, so that it now can remind one either of tires, or of gold-digging reality TV bimbos. Nice one, Andrew. Somewhere in the middle, though, the family started making wine. Actually, they were the first vinters to set up shop in Santa Barbara and they’ve made some award winning wines over the years. This is the America I want: a place where it’s possible to take a good idea and establish something rich and beautiful from it. Try a glass of Firestone wine, from the sweet spot of the American experience.

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