November 21st, 2008

We have a staff full of people who seem to enjoy and appreciate their jobs, but surprisingly few intentionally chose the hotel industry as the place to spend their working lives. Mostly people came to us because they knew someone else who already worked here and things just sort of worked out. We have a lot of students and quite a few nearly complete family units. One of the exceptions is Roy, formerly night auditor and bartender, currently controller and photographer. Roy studied accounting and was working in hotels long before he came our way a mere ten years ago. Get to know him a little and you’ll understand that he’s someone who would decide to go into the business of taking care of people. For twenty-two years he’s lived here in California, away from his native Manila, away from his wife and kids, working to give a better life to them. He tries to return three times a year, to soak up the familial comforts, but the spaces between those visits are long. It’s a tremendous sacrifice he makes so that his family can live well. On a day-to-day basis we demand nothing so large of him, but to have on staff someone who loves deeply enough to give really all of himself so that others can be well adds to our collective knowledge about how to take care of you, our guests. I suppose that’s nothing you’d ever directly feel, as hidden and foundational as the job of controller itself. If you’d like, you can go out of your way to find him and introduce yourself, or you can just come back to us with a little more knowledge about why this hotel is such a nice place to be. He’s kind of shy anyway.

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