July 10th, 2008

I have now told you quite a lot of stories about wineries. And story is really the right word, I think, because they have all been tales of dreams and desires acted upon. Off the top of my head I can remember a wine loving couple, a pair of scientifically minded college buddies and several wealthy families that wanted to follow some ancestor’s passion. However much research, talent and/or money any of those people brought into their respective wine adventures, there were, in each case, elements of risk and whimsy. And so I got to tell you about success, about people who pursued ideas until they became tangible reality and then delighted in the results.

I do not have such a story to tell about the Luna winery. There is no tale of dreams, entrepreneurship or risk here. In 1995 two men who were already very well respected in the winemaking industry decided to collaborate. They hired the best winemaker they knew, which, of course, meant that he was very, very good. They bought land in the best region of Napa Valley. They set up vineyards that operated according to the most current scientific and ecological practices. This wine was always going to be very, very good. I am sorry that it’s not more romantic, with wine one does want a little romance. But, then, when the wine this good, I guess it’s easier to create your own romance.

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