August 8th, 2008

I thought I would never do what I’m about to do. I’m sorry if it’s disappointing to you. I can only promise that I have full confidence in the recommendation I’m about to make. Not for a moment do I feel like I’m passing off a dud this month. I truly love and have full respect for the chain I’m about to start writing about. That’s right, I said it: chain. This will be the first I will mention to you, in a non-derogatory way that is. It feels something like a betrayal, even though I know for myself that Fresh Choice is an exceptional chain. Some of you may know it for yourselves too, which is one of the many drawbacks in recommending this type of establishment. There is one that is very close to the hotel so if you are already a fan, I am actually giving you a useful piece of information, but still I cannot pretend to be letting you in on a cool local secret.

Ah, but enough with my guilt! It was chosen because it’s great. An all-you-can-eat salad restaurant is a wonderful idea. I’ve been going to these places since they first started opening. I was there when they added pre-made salad options. I saw the addition of small pizzas and pastas. The frozen yogurt, if I remember correctly, was there from the beginning, but the topping selection increased over the years. In high school I would stuff my backpack with lowfat muffins, just because I could. And it’s an exclusively Californian franchise, though not by choice. Attempts to open branches in different parts of the country proved fiscally unviable. So it is, actually, a culturally specific kind of a place. We Californians are not exempt from the infamous American gluttony, hence the all-you-can-eat aspect, but with Fresh Choice at least we can believe we’re doing it the healthy way.

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