July 20th, 2011

I’m coming to think, as time passes, that maybe the highest compliment I have to give is to find a person or a thing non-generic. In this cynical era where corporations are selling unique identities to whoever’s got the money and perfect beauty can’t be trusted not to be made of silicon, it’s so nice to find things that seem only to be representing themselves.

Reading about the Ladera Vineyards, I felt the personalities of a group of people. A farming couple from Montana who miss their cows, but are happy, at least, to still be in agriculture. A winemaker who was so excited, when she got into a professional winery for the first time, to learn that there are machines to de-stem the grapes. The couple’s daughter who studied sound engineering and art history and sells her lavender at the winery, but swears she knows about wine too. It’s not that it’s touching, it’s that it feels real.

We, here at this hotel, are so proud to be pouring wines made by people who take this much particular care of the details of their business. Their wine is every bit as good as their storytelling, every bit as real, and we are so grateful to have a means of supporting them. So, the next time you’re here with us, ask for a glass of Ladera. We’ll be very happy to pour it for you.

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