July 22nd, 2011

People get granted all kinds of gifts in life. Some can run fast. Others can cook well. A lucky few can sing like birds. Many of you are good with numbers. I can hold my breath longer than most people I know. Roberto, who you can find behind our front desk, has a gift for customer service. It comes naturally to him, he says. It’s easy for him to be with people, to spend his days helping all of you transition into your time in Silicon Valley. He believes that this is the gift that he was given.

Though he’s only been with us since 2008, Roberto has been working in hotels for the last 15 years. He has a string of household names in his past; ours is his first adventure in non-corporate hospitality. A super-professional, he will say very adamantly that he does not compare hotels. But if you push and push and really make a nuisance of yourself, it’s possible to learn from Roberto what we always suspected to be true anyway: The big chains don’t care as much as we do. Officially, as in their policies are just less supportive of customer service. Which, especially for someone who feels that their specialty in life is customer service, is just not as satisfying an environment to spend a working life in. Score yet another point for small business in America!

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