December 23rd, 2008

This, believe it or not, is the holiday issue. I’m feeling OK about it. Who among us, after all, and no matter what our political sway may be, feels that this year will really begin before Obama is sworn in? The way I see it, you all will be reading this straight in the middle of the holiday season. We’ve passed out of 2008, it’s true. Everyone has celebrated the winter solstice in the manner specified by their personal religion, I know. But we are sitting now in a holding pattern. The media can’t decide if it’s the end of the world or the dawning of a bright new future, but the overarching agreement is that we’re waiting. Last week I saw a fiery performance artist, long hair and mascara streaming across his sweaty face, encourage a crowd gathered in his home to give cautious optimism to Obama. This morning I saw an economist in a suit and tie on MSNBC say the same.

So, what I have for you here is a compilation of New Year’s wishes, delivered just in time for our passage into this new phase of American history. Arranged according to my own personal whim, here are the dreams, requests and hopes of a healthy sample of my fellow hotel employees.

* Health, peace, love and to be united with my family forever.
* I wish for peace, love, health and that my prince would come.
* I wish that the war would end and that there would not be so much death.
* PS3 and 360 so I never have to leave my room.
* Peace on earth for one day.
* A rise in the economy.
* A blender and microwave.
* I wish for Happy Holidays for everyone and that God gives us health so that we can work.
* That we all be full of harmony this holiday season.
* Win the lotto.
* That next year brings many blessings in our jobs and in our health and that God blesses us.
* To have health and a lot of strength so that I can move forward, and that God blesses us all.
* I wish to improve my behavior at work and for all people to live in peace
* Self-cleaning bed pan.
* World peace.
* What I wish for the most this year is that there will always be enough work.
* A bottle of tequila with salt and lime.
* That things will go well for my friends and that there will be enough work.
* That we all have happy holidays, a prosperous new year and a lot of good health.
* PS3
* Full employment
* My wish is to be with my family, to have health, peace and love, and friendship at work.
* That we will have good health and that there will be enough work.
* New bed.
* Health, money, love.
* I wish for peace on earth, good health, and work for everyone.
* That these holidays are very happy and that from now on there is a lot of work.
* A stereo for my house.
* That my family is well, that there is work and that I have good health.
* Jobs for everyone.
* A San Jose Stanley Cup.
* Equality for all, universal healthcare for the world’s population to coexist in harmony with the environment, quality and accessible education for all, health and happiness for my family and friends.
* For Santa to be caught in a Hollywood scandal involving no one anyone cares about. (sic)
* Prosperity, peace, love and for the people I work with to be more united.
* A Red Rider BB Gun with wood otock and lever pump action.
* Love and peace and happiness and good health. A lot of work and good health for my parents. Some clothes.
* Llama of my own.
* A lot of good health and prosperity and, if it’s possible, a TV.
* That this year is better than the last and that there is plenty of work.

Cautious optimism.